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Jeff possesses an all too rare trifecta of characteristics

Jeff possesses an all too rare trifecta of characteristics that make an outstanding lawyer; exceptional legal ability, solid management skills, and practical experience. Jeff can fully grasp the nuances of complex legal issues while avoiding becoming lost in them. His thinking, which is reflected in his written advocacy, is always focused. He is a tough, seasoned litigator but through his in-house experience evaluates litigation through the broader lens of his client's overarching business needs. He is able to navigate the many legal and non-legal issues that arise in complex, corporate litigation and balance, explain and execute them in a way that advances his client's business objectives. Underlying his professional strengths, he is a man of impeccable character who always does right by the people who depend on him.”

– --D.D., Office Managing Partner at prominent law firm in Washington, D.C.


After managing legal budgets for a Fortune 350 company for nearly 10 years, I understand the importance of receiving maximum value for every dollar spent. I handle most of my projects on flat or fixed fees after proper scoping of the assignment with my clients. Using a flat or fixed fee model promotes efficiency and avoids the problems associated with billing by the hour.