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Outside General Counsel Solutions

In the current gig economy, not every business needs a full-time onsite general counsel or legal department. In many instances, your company may just need legal assistance on discrete matters. If your business does not have a full-time general counsel but periodically needs assistance from a lawyer, with my unique experience as a senior legal leader at a Fortune 350 company, I can help.

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All “legal advice” is, at its core, business advice. You need actionable guidance you can use to lead your business to the next level of success. As a business owner or leader, you do not have time to waste managing legal matters on your own. As your Outside General Counsel, I can provide that holistic business advice to help you succeed. I strive to provide business-focused and common-sense guidance to all of my clients.

As your Outside General Counsel, I am available on call to help you move your company forward, mitigate risks, and drive success. When you need legal-business advice, I can work onsite at your convenience, or I can work in my own office if that is the best approach.

Outside General Counsel services I can provide include:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts

  • Developing company policies and procedures

  • Corporate governance

  • Drafting corporate compliance programs and training

  • Providing regulatory guidance

  • Conducting internal investigations

  • Litigation preparedness and litigation management

    • Establishing prelitigation procedures

    • Developing litigation crisis management and communications plans

      • Drafting plans for internal communications

      • Crafting plans for external communications

        • Communications with the media

        • Social media communications

        • Customer communications

    • Creating repeatable and defensible litigation procedures

      • Standardized new matter intake procedures and solutions

      • Development of best practices procedures for litigation matters

      • Creation of standardized documents for litigation matters

      • Streamlining litigation procedures

      • Establishing early case resolution procedures and evaluation methods

  • Developing best practices for discovery and rediscovery

    • Litigation hold procedures and solutions

    • Discovery data identification, preservation and collection processes

    • Identifying and onboarding discovery technology solutions

  • Data management and data governance strategies

    • Data mapping

    • Data retention policies and procedures

    • Technology solutions for data management and retention policy compliance

Hiring an Outside General Counsel as needed is efficient and economical. After spending a decade as an in-house lawyer, I understand the value of every dollar spent on legal matters. I work efficiently and expediently to complete the projects so you can grow your business. For most Outside General Counsel assignments, I work with my clients to develop fixed or flat fee arrangements to avoid the inherent questions which accompany hourly billing. I hate hourly billing and try to avoid it. I'm proud to serve the Kansas City community, and the neighboring areas of Liberty, MO, Independence, MO, Overland Park, KS, and Leawood, KS.