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Because every conflict is different, I tailor every mediation to meet the specific needs of the people involved in the disputes. I have a unique perspective as a mediator. I have been both a lawyer representing parties in mediations, and I have been the client in mediations. I have been both a plaintiff and a defendant during mediation. I have also been the mediator helping other parties find amicable ways of resolving complex disputes.

At Kruse Consulting and Dispute Resolution LLC, I meditate on an abundance of different problems. If you are looking to avoid a trial in court, speak to a mediation attorney and reach out to me today in Kansas City, Missouri, to schedule your free consultation. I also assist those in the neighboring areas of Liberty and Independence, Missouri, as well as Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas.

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Experience

My civil mediation experience includes resolving a wide variety of matters including:

  • Personal injury cases

  • Product liability claims

  • Breach of contract disputes

  • Supplier-Purchaser disputes

  • Auto accident cases

  • Defective workmanship cases

  • Landlord-Tenant disputes

  • Insurance coverage litigation matters

  • Breach of warranty claims

  • ERISA cases

  • Employee conflicts

  • Worker's compensation claims

  • Vendor disputes

  • Disagreements between business partners

  • Business separation disputes

  • Claims by and against suppliers and vendors

  • Securities-related lawsuits

  • Investigations by government entities including the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission; and state Attorneys General

I also help businesses develop conflict prevention programs, dispute resolution practices, and employee conflict handling training curricula for employee or departmental conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Solutions Attorney
in Kansas City, Missouri

When conflict arises in your life, there are a number of possibilities to resolve them. At Kruse Consulting and Dispute Resolution LLC, I am dedicated to exhausting all of my resources to find a solution that works for your needs. Get in touch with me today at my Kansas City law and set up your free dispute resolution planning session today.