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Legal Department Consulting Solutions Attorney
in Kansas City, Missouri

Business leaders demand more from their legal departments than just legal advice. They expect their legal departments to operate efficiently, under budget, and continuously improve the delivery of legal services to the company. If your business’s legal department is in need of guidance to better their future, contact me at Kruse Consulting and Dispute Resolution LLC in Kansas City, Missouri, and set up a free consultation. I also assist those in Liberty and Independence, Missouri, as well as Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas.

Let My Experience Work for You

I have first-hand experience and successes with a forward-looking legal operations practice at a Fortune 350 medical technology company. We won multiple awards for our successes in reducing legal expenses and improving efficiency within the legal department.

The culture of continuous improvement permeated every corner of Boston Scientific during the 10 years I worked there. That continuous improvement culture became a vital part of my career at the company.

One of my former bosses called continuous improvement “the never-end pursuit of perfection.” That concept became so ingrained within me that the mantra “there has to be a better way” became the driving force behind how I lead my teams. As a lawyer, I did not trust outside consultants who invaded the company to offer advice about how we, as lawyers and as a legal department, could operate more efficiently.

Because of that distrust, I operate differently. First, I am a lawyer who has been in your shoes. I understand the pressure to improve. Second, you do not have time to devote to yet another project. That is why I am here. I am here to dedicate my time to finding solutions tailored to your specific needs. Third, I will complete your project quickly with minimal business disruption. I appreciate the disturbance consultants can have on businesses. I witnessed the upheaval myself. I do everything in my power to avoid disrupting your business while finding solutions for you.

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My Legal Consulting Services

  • Building best practices for Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information for product vendors, service vendors, and law firms

    • Developing and drafting RFPs and RFIs

    • Analyzing “apples and oranges” cost proposals from vendors and law firms

    • Negotiating contracts with vendors and law firms

    • Preferred counsel and panel counsel initiative programs

  • Litigation preparedness

    • Establishing prelitigation procedures

    • Developing litigation crisis management and communications plans

      • Drafting plans for internal communications

      • Crafting plans for external communications

        • Communications with the media

        • Social media communications

        • Customer communications

    • Creating repeatable and defensible litigation procedures

      • Standardized new matter intake procedures and solutions

      • Development of best practices procedures for litigation matters

      • Creation of standardized documents for litigation matters

      • Streamlining litigation procedures

      • Establishing early case resolution procedures and evaluation methods

  • Developing best practices for discovery and e-discovery

    • Litigation hold procedures and solutions

    • Discovery data identification, preservation, and collection processes

    • Identifying and onboarding discovery technology solutions

  • Data management and data governance strategies

    • Data mapping

    • Data retention policies and procedures

    • Technology solutions for data management and retention policy compliance

  • Creating and improving corporate compliance policies, procedures, and programs

    • Corporate personnel compliance training

  • Legal department personnel training

    • Training for new hires and attorneys inexperienced with litigation

    • Leadership through the legal department training

    • Legal project management for legal department personnel

    • Adopting a Legal Operations Mindset

    • Lean Business Process in the legal function training

    • Training on strategic planning for legal department personnel

    • Training on budget planning and reserve setting

    • The importance of continuous improvement and innovation in the legal department

Find a Solution for Your Legal Department

Your business’s legal department needs to be in top-notch shape so that you can conduct business accordingly. I am dedicated to helping your legal department improve its quality, litigation, and data management. Get in touch with me today in Kansas City, Missouri, and set up your free consultation. I also assist those in Liberty and Independence, Missouri, as well as Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas.

Legal Department Consulting Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri

Your business’s legal department needs to be performing efficiently so that you can conduct your business stress-free. When conflict arises, I am here to help. I assist legal departments to improve their quality of work. Contact me today in Kansas City, Missouri, and schedule your free consultation.