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Workplace Conflict Solutions Expert Kansas City, Missouri

Disagreements among co-workers happen all the time.  Unfortunately, some of those disagreements grow into full-blown conflicts.  Workplace conflicts cost businesses thousands of dollars annually in lost productivity, worker absences, and turnover.  According to one study from 2008, employees spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflicts.  That equated to $359 billion in paid hours in 2008. 

Handling conflicts quickly and efficiently can save organizations time and money, improve retention, and enhance employee morale.  I can help you resolve workplace dispute issues at your company.

I can help you with conflicts in your workplace through:


Through formal and informal mediation processes, I help the disputing parties understand the root cause of the conflicts, learn how to manage this dispute and any in the future, and communicate better while working together.  My goal as a workplace conflict resolution mediator is to resolve the current conflict and provide tools to your employees to prevent future disputes.

Conflict Management

In addition to workplace mediation services, I help companies prevent disputes from disrupting business through workplace communication instruction, conflict coaching, conflict management workshops, and conflict resolution training for people managers.  Because every company is different, I tailor my training to each client's specific needs.